2023-07-31 Presentations and Images Sent to Attendees

We have sent to the attendees via e-mail a link to a shared folder with presentations and images of the Human Factors Symposium 2023. If you participated in the event but did not receive the e-mail, please get in touch with the Organising Committee.

2023-06-25 Final Programme Published

We have published the final version of the programme. We have also updated the event flyer.

2023-06-24 Hashtag for Social Media

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What could be the best way to advance the Human Factor in military and civil aviation? The Human Factor is all about interaction. We therefore created an event, where people with wide backgrounds and interests can come together to learn, discuss and share experience.

Experts, stakeholders, and other interested persons with a background in aerospace medicine, flight simulation and training are invited to participate. Whether your interest is operational flight, aerospace medicine, special operations, SAR, UPT or if you are a flight physician, instructor, aircrew, ATO, airline, aviation authority or aircraft manufacturer: The Human Factors Symposium is the chance for every person involved with aviation to get up to date with important Human Factor developments and beyond.

We designed the event to promote interaction between participants. Presentations are blended with plenty of networking opportunities. The new format and the beautiful city of Salzburg create the ideal environment for advancing Human Factor topics. Socialize, discuss problems and solutions with fellow specialists and use the symposium to create a lasting network for implementing great and sustainable ideas.

We are looking forward to welcome you!


Monday, 26 June 2023: Arrival and Icebreaker

  • 12:00—18:00 Registration*
    Foyer, Imlauer Hotel Pitter Salzburg
  • 19:30—24:00 Icebreaker
    Pitterkeller, Imlauer Hotel Pitter Salzburg
* Registration is possible throughout the event for attendees arriving later.

Tuesday, 27 June 2023: Thinktank Training

Morning Programme

  • 08:45—09:00 Introduction and Welcome
    Franz Pflug, Managing Director AMST
  • 09:00—10:00 Human Factors. Past, Present and Future
    Prof. Michael Bagshaw, Visiting Professor of Aviation Medicine at King’s College London, Consultant in Occupational and Aviation Medicine
  • 10:00—10:30 Human Factors and Pilots: Evolution or Paradigm Shift?
    Georges Rebender, Expert in Flight Standards and Artificial Intelligence EASA (ret.)
  • 10:30—11:00 Coffee Break
  • 11:00—11:30 Flight Test Training – Challenges
    Dr.-Ing. Dieter Reisinger, Chief Test Pilot, Euro Flight Test GmbH; Reinhard Martin Exner, CEO, Euro Flight Test GmbH
  • 11:30—12:00 Human Factors And Risk Mitigation in Air Racing
    Dr. Thomas M. Drekonja, CEO, CMO and Accountable Manager of Aeromedical Center Salzburg
  • 12:00—12:30 Neurophysiological-Based Indicators for Users’ Mental States, Training, Teamwork Assessment and Enhanced Human-Machine Interactions
    Dr. Gianluca Borghini, Assistant Professor Sapienza University of Rome
  • 12:30—14:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon Programme

  • 14:00—14:30 A Working Fatigue Risk Management Program In ATCO Selection and University Pilot Training
    Gergely Nagy, Deputy Chief Executive Officer PharmaFlight; Dr. Botond Szucs, Biologist, Pharmaflight
  • 14:30—15:00 Automatic Performance Analysis – Benefits and Measures for Flight Training Optimisation
    Dr. Rebecca Fill Giordano, Organizational Psychologist; Managing Director hr+ loving development
  • 15:00—15:30 Coffee Break
  • 15:30—16:00 Human Factors, a Test Pilot’s Perspective
    Lt. Col. Claus Cordes, Experimental Test Pilot and Human Factors Representative, German Military Flight Test Center, Manching
  • 16:00—16:30 Making Reality Match Perception – A Building Block Approach
    Douglas Vine, Human Factors & NVG Training Specialist
  • 16:30—17:00 Wrap up Session and Discussion
    Moderated by Heinrich Grossbongardt, Aviation Industry Consultant Expairtise Communications

Wednesday, 28 June 2023: Aviation Vision 2030

The morning programme is split into streams for aeromedical and commercial aviation.

Morning Programme · Aeromedical Stream

  • 09:00—09:30 Preservation and Change in Military Aviation Physiology
    Col. Dr. Helmut Fleischer, Head of German Air Force Aviation Physiology Training Center, Königsbrück
  • 09:30—10:00 Situation(al) Awareness: Cornerstone in Flight Safety and Mission Performance
    Brig. Gen. (ret.) Dr. Erich Rödig, MD, MC, CFS
  • 10:00—10:30 Importance of Ejection Seat Training
    Franz Pflug, Managing Director AMST
  • 10:30—11:00 Coffee Break
  • 11:00—11:30 Prevention of Helicopter Loss of Control (LOC-I) is a Strategic Priority and UPRT Represents an Important Step Forward to Enhance Safety Culture
    Capt. Cristian Durante, Pilot Instructor & Examiner Leonardo Helicopters
  • 11:30—12:00 The Use of Simulation vs. Inflight in the Austrian Air Force using the Example of the Implementation of the Helicopter AW169
    Lt. Col. Herbert Trommet, Chief Training Officer, Pilot & Air Defence School Langenlebarn, Austria
  • 12:00—12:30 High Fidelity Simulation for Operations in the Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)
    Douglas Vine, Human Factors & NVG Training Specialist
  • 12:30—14:00 Lunch Break

Morning Programme · Commercial Aviation Stream

  • 09:00—09:30 Improving Pilots’ Competency Level: Creative Training Approaches and Practices
    Assoc. Prof. Capt. Mehmet Onur Balkan, SunExpress
  • 09:30—10:00 Push to Unload – Are We Doing it Right? The Human Factor in UPRT
    Capt. Christof-J. Kemény, Co-Founder OneTeamCockpit Initiative; Senior Training Advisor; TRI/TRE A340/A320/E190, UPRT Instructor / Speaker
  • 10:00—10:30 Biopsychological Model of Stress in Aircrew – Their ‘Right’ to Appropriate Training
    Capt. Muhammad Naushad Anjum, Counseling Psychologist, HCPC UK registered practitioner psychologist, Human Factors specialist, Aviation Psychologist
  • 10:30—11:00 Coffee Break
  • 11:00—11:30 Sustainability in Aviation Training
    Col. Ruel Rombaoa, PA (ret.), Head of Marketing and Sales, Alpha Aviation Group PH
  • 11:30—12:00 Motion Cues Boosting Training Fidelity and Effectiveness
    Clemens Moser, Senior R&D Engineer AMST
  • 12:00—12:30 Understanding Work-As-Done (WAD) during Normal Line Operations
    Dr. Alexandra Holmes, Research Director Fatigue Risk Management, Baines Simmons
  • 12:30—14:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon Programme

  • 14:00—15:00 The Role of the Pilot in Times of AI
    Manfred Müller, University Lecturer for Risk Management; Training Captain Airbus A330/340/350, retired; former Head of Flight Safety Research at Lufthansa
  • 15:00—15:30 Coffee Break
  • 15:30—16:00 Future Requirements for Gaming, Modelling and Augmented Reality
    Hannes Walter, VP Product Marketing
  • 16:00—16:30 An Approach to a Simulator Management System and How it Benefits Training and Operations
    Martin Sporrer, Head of Digital Solutions AMST
  • 16:30—17:30 Wrap up Session and Discussion
    Moderated by Andrew Drwiega, Senior Defence and Aerospace Journalist;
    and Heinrich Grossbongardt, Aviation Industry Consultant Expairtise Communications

Evening Programme:

  • 19:30—24:00 Take-Off Dinner
    LOFT Salzburg, Müllner Hauptstrasse 1,

Thursday, 29 June 2023: Technical Tour

You can choose one of these Technical Tours:


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